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Gantry Robots

Robot integrator specializing in the automation of machine tools, we have since the beginning of the business partner with the Austrian company PROMOT. We are the exclusive dealer for the French market and ensure all technical programming, installation, production and after-sales service. This activity allows us to offer our customers a complementary solution to our other solutions loading - unloading machines via polyarticulated robots.

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200 employees and more than 4 000 installations worldwide

Main Features:

  • Very robust
  • Gantry systems allow full accessibility to the work station operator
  • Linear axes makes gantry handling and programming easier
  • Parts weight until 600Kg
  • Linear gantry 1 horizontal axis along the beam (Z)
  • Gantry axis Y: 1 additional transverse axis allows access to the spindle without interference with turret or door
  • Area Gantry: For applications XY large area with single or double drive
  • Single machine Multi-machine, production line
  • Different standards or specific gripper technologies
  • Different technology of supply and storage systems scalable to suit every need
  • Differentcomplementary technologies can be integrated into the cell (control, cleaning, sampling ...)

Examples of applications:

One arm linear Gantry on Lathe


  • 40 Kg chuck parts
  • 28 pallets 300mm size magazine for rought and machined parts

Two arms linear Gantry on Lathe


  • 50 Kg shaft parts
  • Double magazine for shaft parts lenght 200 to 800 mm
  • Unloading on end line conveyor
  • Arm with C axis for turning parts

Four arms linear Gantry on 3 Lathes


  • 5 Kg chuck parts
  • Carousel magazine 32 parts
  • 4 indpendant arms with double gripper
  • Turning station
  • Measuring station
  • Deburring station
  • UNloading on conveyor

One arm gantry with Y axis on lathe


  • 20 Kg chuck parts
  • Rought and machined parts magazine type Cellmaster conditionnées en panier fil.
  • Blowing station