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Pallets and tools handling systems

TECHPLUS offers robotic palletizing systems for machining centers, EDM machine or other equipment all makes machining centers offering you independence and flexibility. We have a complete range of modular FMC (flexible cell 1 or 2 machines) and FMS (flexible lines). Initially designed for the production of single pieces or small series, we can also robotizing loading parts on pallets to handle larger series.

We also offer tools automated magazine small size to centralized magazine that can run on multiple machines.

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Main Features:

  • Accessibility Machine preserved
  • Parts from 15 to 2 500 kg
  • Pallet size from Ø150 mm to 1250x1250 mm
  • Scalable management software for simplified cell to FMS with ERP and MIS interface
  • Manipulation with suspended arms, polyarticulated robot or stacker
  • Fork gripper palette, gripper 2 or 3 jaw, positive handling pallet all brands, telescope
  • Modular magazine rack pallet
  • Special pallets, standard pallets all brands, coding
  • Auxiliary stations: Loading single or double pallet, shuttle, transfer, cleaning

Examples of applications :

Flexible cell on Machining Center for mold manufacturing


  • 6-axis robot capacity 700kg working on 1 machining center
  • Magazine 12 pallets size 600x600x500mm
  • Passive gripper pallet fork type
  • Loading / Unloading station
  • Management software Datatech (TECHPLUS) via HMI on touchscreen panel

Flexible cell for mechanical parts manufacturing


  • 6-axis robot capacity 300Kg working on 2 machining centers
  • Mixed magazine with 16 large size pallets + 24 small sizes pallets
  • Active pallet gripper
  • Dual Loading / Unloading station
  • Prosys management software (Promot)

Flexible Line (FMS)


  • Stacker crane loading / unloading capacity 2 000 Kg working on three machining centers
  • 60 large size pallets magazine
  • Active pallet gripper
  • 3 Loading / Unloading station
  • Centralized tool magazine with selection manipulator and gantry working on 3 machines
  • Prosys management software (Promot) with tool management option

Tools magazine on palletization cell


  • Automatical gripper changing - tools / pallet
  • 160 tools