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Robots Cells

Since 1994, TECHPLUS designs and installs robotic cells for various applications. TECHPLUS specializes in integrations lathes, grinders, machining centers and other machine tools. Through new technologies and ongoing dialogue with our customers, our products and solutions are constantly evolving. Our goal is to provide reliable means of production combining autonomy, flexibility and simplicity.

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Main Features:

    • Full range of cells following weight and type of parts (up to 800Kg)
    • Standard modular solutions and specific solutions
    • Manufacturing versions for unit and massive series
    • Integrated HMI facilitate changeovers and enabling the development of new standards in complete autonomy.
    • Different standards or specifics grippers technologies
    • Different technology of supply and storage systems scalable to suit every need


Examples of applications:

Cell grinding steel parts


  • 2 6-axis robots with dual gripper
  • Input parts by conveyor
  • Loading / unloading of a machining center
  • Intermediate placings
  • Turning station
  • Blowing station
  • Control station with probes
  • 2 brushing stations with pressure control
  • Sampling station
  • HMI on touch panel

Cell machining steel parts


  • 1 6-axis robots with dual gripper
  • Loading / unloading of a machining center
  • CELLMASTER Magazine for rought and machined parts in thermoformed - autonomy of 400
  • Blowing station for 2 parts
  • Sampling station
  • HMI on touch panel with parts changing < to 3 minutes

Cell on Lathe for aluminium parts


  • Standard set in one piece
  • 1 6-axis robots with dual gripper
  • Loading / unloading of a lathe
  • Double drawer magazine with tooling plate for rought and machined parts
  • Blowing station
  • Sampling station
  • HMI on touch panel set with auto set program

Cell forming steel tube


  • 1 6-axis robots with dual gripper
  • Loading / unloading two forming machines for tube length 70 to 2000mm
  • Double universal Ø and length magazine with V
  • Air blades blowing station
  • Laser homing
  • Control of diameters and lengths forming with HD vision system
  • Formed tubes evacuation in boxes
  • Evacuation of wrong parts
  • Specific enclosure for isolation of one machine for operation (rocking mode)
  • HMI on touch panel set with auto set program

Cell preparation conditioning fryinig pans


  • 1 6-axis robot with vacuum gripper
  • Handling frying pans for pre-positioning on conveyor before palletizing
  • HMI on touch panel set with auto set program

Cell placement cap Perfume


  • 1 6-axis robot with a 3 parts gripper
  • Conveyor for caps in thermoformed
  • Conveyor for empty thermoformed
  • Vision control

FLEXLOAD standard cell for machine tools


  • To meet the technical and economic expectations of our customers working in small and medium series wishing robotizing their machines, we have developed a modular self-programmable and flexible standard cell with controlled costs.
  • For complete information about this product, download brochures FLEXLOAD TOUR & FLEXLOAD CU

MULTIFLEX standard cell for Multispindles Lathes


  • To meet unloading automation needs on multispindles Lathes, we have developped a standard robot cell which is compact, evolutive and mobile. This cell can be adapted on different kind of lathe outlet system and will be able to file away parts without any shocks. Depending on your needs, this cell can be equiped with additional systems as cleaning, control and machining correctors which will optimise production stability and autonomy.
  • For complete information about this product, download brochure DOC MULTIFLEX



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